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Vancouver Courier Service

Same Day delivery services available in the Lower Mainland

  • Rush – As soon as possible Pick up and Drop off Service
    • 2 Hour Turn Around
  • Regular – Same Day Service
    • 4 Hour Turn Around
  • Econo – AM/PM Service
    • 8 Hour Turn Around

Next Business Day – delivery services across Canada & Internationally

  • Delivery by 9:00 am next business day
  • Delivery by 10:30 am next business day
  • Delivery by 5:00 pm next business day

Minimum 25% discount off standard Purolator rates

Backed by:

Customizable Services

  • Banking – deposits
  • Stamping of “Certificates of Origin” at Chamber of Commerce
  • Document drop off and return
  • Processing of Re-manifest, B13,  and Carnet documents at any Canada Customs Office
  • Flat rate daily runs to specified locations
  • Usage of box at various Customs Offices

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