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What and Where we Deliver

The What

Kel-X will deliver any document, envelope, or package under 50lbs or 23kg with the following rules.

Our standard rates apply to any delivery under 10lbs/4.5kg.

Anything over 10lbs/4.5kg is subject to $0.10 per 1lb/0 .46kg

Anything over 50 lbs/23kg please call for rates

Customizable Services

We specialize in delivering any and all Revenue Canada Customs documentation

  • Banking – deposits
  • Stamping of “Certificates of Origin” at Chamber of Commerce
  • Including date stamping
  • Processing of Re-manifest, B13, and Carnet documents at any Canada Customs Office
  • The use of a Customs Box

Any of these services can be performed at any of the Revenue Canada Customs offices in the Lower Mainland.

The Where

Kel-X provides sameday delivery throughout the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley.

Kel-X provides overnight delivery domestically and internationally with Purolator as our carrier of choice